Dawn and Gerard offer private Tantra and Sacred Sexuality educational sessions. We are committed to sharing our knowledge and experience of Sacred Sexuality with you.  We are delighted to guide and assist you in awakening your pleasure, bliss and wholeness in your heart, mind, body and spirit.  We cherish the opportunity to help you connect your heart and your spirit with your sexuality with the intention of deepening your capacity for connection, pleasure, joy and Love!
We are honored to work with you as an individual or in a couple. Each session is as unique as the individual or couple, so to begin our process of private sessions, we will request that you fill out a personal profile before we meet so that we can better get to know you, your experience and your desires.  This will enable us to customize each session to meet your personal needs.

Whether you are working individually or as a couple and depending on your previous experience with Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, our first session will often be focused on the principles of Tantra.  We will instruct and assist you in the language, breathing, sounding and energy moving practices that are integral for the basis of our future sessions together and the learning that you desire.  These techniques are the foundation of relaxing, healing and connecting with yourself (and/or your partner).  In relaxing your body, mind and spirit, blocks that have been keeping you from feeling your full ecstatic pleasure and bliss will be encouraged to melt.
When blocks melt away, the energy of ecstasy can flow freely…throughout  all of your body.  From there, we will personalize your next sessions, combined with home-play, best suited to your needs and learning.  We ask that you commit to a minimum of three sessions, so that you may fully receive the benefits of the  healing and increase of  connection and pleasure that this practice offers.


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