Tantra:  The Art of Conscious Loving Beginners Weekend Seminars offered in Multiple Locations around the US.  Please Click Here for more info and schedule.




This weekend seminar will provide you with the

education our culture never had and always needed in order to have wonderful, real, and lasting love. Whether you’re single or in relationship, discover the full potential of your sexual energy. Rather than a touchy, ­feely course about sex, Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving is a spiritual, yet practical guide to being present and intimate with the most important person in your life. Sure, you will learn a lot of great sexual techniques, but only in the context of celebrating yourself, your partner, your love, and life itself, NOW is the time to embrace the master lover in you! Master Charles Muir and Leah Alchin use a down­ to­ earth, humorous, and candid approach to teaching the sexual arts while creating a safe environment for singles and couples.


 ~ Learn how your eyes, words, emotions, and vulnerability can bring you to intimacy bliss!

~ Freeing the female orgasm it’s easy!

~ Advanced lovemaking techniques you will use forever

~ Female sacred spot massage ritual step ­by ­step instructions to heal, awaken, and release unlimited energy

for increased energy and pleasure

~ And so much more

"You treated us as whole people, with a full spectrum of emotions. All the exercises were perfect, meaningful, and contributed greatly to my experience. It was so honoring and respectful, and I could not believe how funny Charles was. Both of you made it so much fun. I definitely turned a corner, and I look forward to absorbing all learned, and plan to read over the materials and "practice" with other Conscious Singles!

Mark S., Massage Therapist”


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Source Tantra Beginners Weekend Seminar

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