Dawn and Gerard:
To Whom this may Concern,

Dawn Beck and Gerard Gatz became Certified Tantric Educators in 2001, through my acclaimed school, Source School of Tantra Yoga.
Since then, they have offered their Tantra work with deep dedication, and in high integrity. My experience of their work, whether in Private Sessions, as Workshop Facilitators, or as the Coordinators for bringing Source Tantra to Colorado, has always showed them as responsible, educated, loving, playful, organized, conscious, open minded, team players, and resourceful.

I trust in their ability to hold space for groups of varying sizes.  Dawn and Gerard are a committed couple of 20 years, which deepens what they offer and teachers of Tantra.  They bring their own experience of relationship into their teachings, as living examples of the importance of conscious communication, creating and cultivating passionate sexuality, and nurturing loving relationships.

It is all of these qualities, along with their high level of education, plus numerous years of experience, that inspires me to recommend them as Tantra teachers, leaders, facilitators, and guides.  I recommend them to you with confidence!

Charles Muir ~ Founder and President of Source School of Tantra Yoga


Introduction to the Art of Tantra Workshop for Couples and Singles:      Introduction to the Art of Tantra                            
I found Dawn and Gerard's workshop to be extremely educational and a terrific starting point to delve deeper into the magic and wondrous world of Tantra. Their easy, unthreatening and open presentation style made it easy to understand the concepts of Tantra, a way you can start practicing it in your home and it opens the doors to expansion and possibility. Dawn and Gerard present the unconditional love necessary in a relationship to make it filled with ecstasy and bliss

Erwin CTE - Boulder, CO

Hi Dawn and Gerard,

Mostly, I want to say a huge thank you for a great day. I learned a lot and look forward to having time to do the 4 day couples workshop, having more time to deepen in the areas you introduced us to (which you did very well in such a short amount of time). I'm unable to attend for the next few months but look forward to hearing about your continued offerings.
We have had two Tantra dates this week, last night doing sacred spot massage, which was wonderful. Having the attention on my Beloved in this way, and receiving that attention, was a huge gateway opening. We are both excited about our continuing time together and how much love and intimacy we experienced.
So I will definitely let other people know about your work. You are both delightful!

Transpersonal Psychotherapist - Boulder, CO

Dawn and Gerard's "workshop" is wonderful.  Initially, my wife had some hesitation about going, because she is shy and was concerned about the explicit and intimate nature of the workshop.  Quickly, Dawn's especially centered, kind, and loving personality put her at ease.  We learned some very interesting techniques, including ways for me to have multiple orgasms.  At home, after class, the physical aspect of the loving was truly "the best ever."  However, the most meaningful things we took away from the workshop were ways to be more intimate, loving, and connected.  Every couple, young or old, new love or familiar lovers, highly physical or highly emotional, every couple stands to deepen their love and their sexual pleasure from this workshop.

MB - Boulder, CO

Dear Dawn and Judith,

Thanks to both of you! It was a yummy, nourishing day, and the rich wild feel of your home added to the experience. (All those plants, scarves, and art!) I found it especially fortifying simply being in the company of like-minded women. After the workshop I went to my usual Argentine Tango class and fouind myself to be the center of much admiration. Must have awakened SOMETHING!

Catherine Lassen - Boulder, CO

Hi Dawn and Judith,
I want to also thank both of you for creating a very safe and nurturing space. The pace of the activities, the structure, and the content were all very well organized, thorough, and educational (again, on many levels). I was able to engage myself the whole time and be fully present, and yet the breaks afforded me enough time to process and breathe so I could come back to that same state. I particularly want you thank you, Dawn, for opening yourself up to us as not only a practitioner, but as a person. Being vulnerable with us and allowing us to watch you laugh, cry, and experience pleasure was so courageous and encouraging for us to role model.
Thank you both so much,
JS - Denver, CO

Private Sessions/Day and Multi Day Immersions with Couples:                                                                                                        

After 21 years together, My wife and I found ourselves at a crossroads in our relationship. The old ways were no longer working. The love which had brought us so far no longer seemed able to carry us further. Yet, we also knew and have known that we were meant to be together and that commitment was as strong as ever. As I approached my 50th birthday, I knew something beautiful and powerful was needed.  Into this space arrived Dawn and Gerard. 

From our first contact, I felt safe, informed and respected. Open and informative from the beginning, Dawn answered any and all questions engaging both myself and my wife. We found ourselves immediately comfortable and able to share ourselves in a deep and open manner. 

Gerard’s presence brought a powerful stillness and quiet wisdom to the room. Together, they weaved a tapestry of grace, love, healing and tantric bliss. 

The effect on our relationship has been immediate and transformative. We will always look at our life and love as a before and after our introduction to these two souls. To say that everything is different is an understatement. Old negative habits both physical and mental have been dropped to the wayside as they no longer serve a purpose for us or do anything to enhance this new environment. We are quite literally in a new place. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, sexually. All of these areas and more are shining with a new light. While we see it, others see it as well. We are becoming masters at the quiet smile in answer to the question of why we are suddenly so happy. 

Finally, we are both aware that this is no passing sugar rush or quick high. Within Tantra through the guidance of Dawn and Gerard, I found a healing so deeply foundational that nothing will or can ever be the same. It was and is everything I have ever needed or thought I wanted in one magical weekend. This is what you are looking for. You won’t regret it. 

Thank you Dawn and Gerard for being who you are and bringing a new beauty and life to our love and life. 


C and J ~ Michigan

Dear Dawn and Gerard,

Daniel and I just want to thank you for our incredibly special time together. The “private weekend” was one of the best investments we have made in our relationship. As one might suspect we were somewhat apprehensive initially, unsure about what we were getting into. 
Daniel and I love each other very much and communicate very well. The one area of our relationship that was of concern to us was the sexual intimacy and passion. We have always had different “energy”. I am more intense or “yang”, while Daniel is more gentle or “yin”. I used to say I’m like classic rock, while he is like classical music, and I wasn’t sure there was any way to harmonize the two energies. We were seeking a healthy, positive way to even this energy and increase the intimacy if possible since the rest of our relationship was so wonderful. 
The two of you made us feel very comfortable and quickly put us at ease. The experience was fun, informative, and stimulating. You helped us open the door to whole new world and a new way of viewing our relationship and energy. We appreciate the integrity you displayed from the very beginning as it made us both feel very safe and special during the process. 
The weekend was a great introduction to Tantra. We have since become Tantra junkies, practicing regularly. The change in intimacy in our relationship has been transformative. 
Keep up the amazing work!

With much love and appreciation,
Daniel and Kristen - California

There is so much stored in the body from experience in this lifetime and even beyond - in our DNA, in our souls - and there are so many obstacles in
our world to allowing for intense sexuality.  Through sexuality, we can understand these experiences in a deep and profound way, embracing them and
clearing the ones that no longer serve us.  Dawn and Gerard have an ability to open up these sacred sexual spaces in a safe and nurturing way that goes beyond mere talent or skill - it is an intuition, an empathy, an understanding that surpasses words to properly describe it.  This level of energy healing simply must be experienced.  I feel like I gained ten years' worth of healing in one night with them in a private session, and what I felt and allowed in my body will stay with me in many layers, in many ways, for the rest of my life.  They created such a safe and wonderful place of healing and energetically worked out of me and through me such a myriad of releases - pain, pleasure, both bodily and
psychologically. Absolutely amazing.  All this came from  signing up on a whim for one of the one day workshops...

J.E. ~ Bellingham, WA

Dawn and Gerard create an atmosphere that is safe and comfortable.  I was able to explore Self while being with Other.  I started to open up to the Goddess within as well as experience energies that had been dormant for a long time.  Thank you to the both of you!
Brandy Wade - Colorado


I will always be grateful for our times together.  To grow in the ways of love, sex and passion.  To better understand not only myself better but my mate also.  Learning to look inward instead outward is difficult but it leads to understanding and understand leads to a better life.

Colorado Client

Dawn and Gerard,

Words can't share how thankful I am. Because of my time with you today I
have exciting new life adventures to explore.

RS - Boulder, CO

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