Blending Your Palette: Exlivening your Sex Life with Kink and Tantra
One Day Workshop for Singles and Couples
Next offering:  TBA, 2024: Be in touch with interest!
Blending Your Palette
Enlivening Your
Sex Life with Kink and Tantra
For Singles, Couples, and Poly
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Weave together the wild
and soft sides of your sexuality
Naughty and playful.
Creative and edgy.
Not just chocolate.
Not just Vanilla.
A swirl

Incorporate both Kink and Tantra to create a container to safely, passionately, and adventurously explore. We’ll take you beyond sexual identities, roles, and into deepening
erotic experience.
In this workshop, we will dispel the mystery and inspire the confidence so that you can become your own erotic artist. We will encourage you to tap into your sexual psyche to learn where your turn-on's and edges are and how to manifest your deepest desires.
Give yourself permission and tools to fully play and expand your sexual palette.
Learn Ways to:
~ Blend practices from the art of Tantra and Kink
~ Expand beyond traditional labels and play with roles
~ Safely listen and communicate sexual needs,
desires and fantasies
~ Heal and embrace your sexual self to bring more freedom and choice
~ Incorporate adult toys into your ‘love/play time’

Presented by:  Dawn and Gerard in a very
safe and sacred learning environment   
Interactive practices and volunteer demonstrations included

Date: TBA, 2024
Cost: $175 Single/$295 Couple * Space Limited

                                  www.tantricsacredjourneys.com 720 333-7978      
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For more information and to Register: 720 333-7978

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