Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Loving
For Couples
A Weekend Journey Into Intimacy and Love  

Beginners AND Intermediate/Advanced Offerings
Upcoming 2021 Dates:    
Beginners Weekend:  Friday, July 16 - Sunday, July 18, 2021 (Offered this time as
a Virtual Weekend Retreat)
Intermediate/Advanced Weekend:  Friday, September 17 - Sunday, September 19, 2021
(In Person Weekend in Lake Almanor, CA)


Beginnners Weekend: Friday, July 16, 2021 - Sunday, July 18: (Virtual via Zoom)                                                                                                                                                


$495 Per Couple  

Early Bird Discount if Paid in Full by June 16: $450                                                                                          

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Do you feel that there may be more to love than you are experiencing?
Are you ready to Deepen your Relationship together to enjoy more Pleasure, and Create more Connection?
Regardless of how many weeks, months or years you've been together, we offer this workshop as an opportunity for you to Journey Deeper into your relationship as a Loving Couple. 
Share a weekend Merging with your Beloved. 
Learn how Tantric Loving can greatly enhance your Relationship's Communication, Intimacy, Trust, Connection, Sensuality, Sexuality, and Viability.
Discover New Paths of loving each other in Conscious, Healing and Playful ways!
During this transformative weekend, you will learn ways to:
* Deepen the intimacy and connection in your relationship
* Love your partner with more intention of healing and enlivening
* Awaken orgasmic pleasure in ways youíve only dreamed about
* Create a sexual relationship that honors your love and commitment
* Banish boredom from the bedroom and enjoy each other in a renewed way
* Learn ejaculatory choice to increase sexual pleasure, health and vitality

Bring more love, passion and joy into your life!



Testimonial From a Couple who attended This Same Workshop in February, 2021:
" Chris and I attended a virtual Couple’s TANTRA workshop last month.
Profound 🙏🏻
Masterfully and safely fascilitated by one of my teachers and friends of 16-ish years, Dawn Beck, and her partner Gerard, we took our love and intimacy to a whole new level.
I HIGHLY recommend it.
⭐️ Upcoming April 30-May 2 ⭐️
❤️ Couples, it will be one of the richest things you can do for your relationship and sexual connection with yourself and each other 👍
Go for it! "

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Intermediate/Advanced:  Friday, September 17 - Sunday, September 19, 2021


Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Loving for Couples Intermediate/Advanced Weekend Workshop Retreat

When:  Fri, Sept 17 - Sun, Sept 19  (Fri: 6 - 10pm, Sat and Sun, 10am - 6:30pm)

Where:  Private Home in Lake Almanor, CA

Tuition: $895 - $995 per couple  (Price will depend on our decision to cater lunches or not.   (There will be a 2 hour mid day break on both Sat and Sun, where you can enjoy lunch, walk to the lake, rest, and integrate).  You will be responsible for your own travel, transportation, lodging, and meals.  We are exploring some shuttle options from Reno International Airport to Lake Alamanor.

Limited space: 5 Couples Maximum

This weekend will dip back into, and build on the prior Beginners Weekend that you have either experienced with us, or build on your prior Tantric experience/education.  If you haven’t had any prior Tantric experience/education, we are happy to have a conversation about either attending our upcoming Virtual Beginners Couples Weekend (April 30 - May 2), or schedule some Virtual (or In Person, if local in Colorado) Private Sessions with us.

We look forward to holding a space for you to deepen into, and expand Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Loving with each other.  

During the Weekend, Learn, Practice, and Experience:

~ Men’s receiving…with the focus of that being on Saturday and Home play that evening
~ Oral Honoring for both men and women
~ Base/Root Chakra massage for women
~ Infinity massage and other expanded massage techniques
~ Deeper Communication and Intimacy Skills for long term relationship
~ Expanded Tantric practices of breath, meditation, chakra harmonizing/awakening/balancing
~ Sex Magic
~ Sexy talk and other Sensual Spices to enhance relationship eroticism
~ And more…..
* SPECIAL NOTE:  Because this is an Intermediate/Advanced weekend, we ask that you schedule a conversation with us, to determine if this weekend is appropropriate for you, based on either your previous Tantric experience/education, or to attend our Beginners Virtual Workshop (April 30 - May 2: See info above) or schedule Private Sessions with us prior to September.


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Facilitated by Certified Tantra Educators:
Dawn Beck
Sacred Journeys
(720) 333-7978

Gerard Gatz
Sacred Journeys

 (720) 470-1507


Sexual Healing: The Tantra Way DVD


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