Upcoming Honoring the Wisdom of the Yoniverse: August 4 - 6, 2017, Niwot, Colorado: Please be in touch for more information!





Exploring Sacred Sexuality through the Tantric Heart...A Workshop for Women: TBA

Come spend the weekend with your Divine Sisters. In safety and sacred container, we will share the Exploration of our Sensual/Sexual nature through our Clear, Tantric Hearts.  Deepen into the Feminine. Experience the acceptance and encouragement that these blended centers of loving offer us.  Learn and practice ways to open to more depth, pleasure, empowerment, and Love!

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The Maiden, Lover/Mother, Queen, and Crone; A Journey with the Archetypes  Workshop for Women: TBA

Maiden, Lover/Mother, Queen, Crone

An experiential day long journey into the light and dark sides of these feminine archetypes, in relation to who we are as we love others.

The Experience:

·      We will investigate our shadows around who we are, as we love others.

·      We will play with our YIN and our vulnerability, while seeing how the true power of the feminine serves our Love.

·      We will examine our behaviors and patterns, both conscious and unconscious.

·      We will build altars to these Archetypes, that will hold lessons and personal meaning.

·      We will co-create a safe and supportive, sacred environment, where we can reveal a clear path to new freedom around our loving ourselves and others.


Facilitated by: Judith Davis-303 818-3445,www.awakenedloving.com, and Dawn Beck-720-333-7978 www.tantricsacredjourneys.com

Boulder, Colorado

When:  TBA

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Exploring the Fabric of the Feminine: An Experiential Workshop For Women: TBA

Exploring the Fabric of the FeminineAs women, we are sensitive to the natural cycles of the seasons. In this time of regeneration, we can tap into our inner light, wisdom and beauty.  How do we balance the source of our radiance?   By cultivating our natural resources and balancing our wisdom, heart and sexual centers, we deepen our connections to our own source and self healing.  We invite you to join us for a day of guided, supportive, and safe exploration into the Tantric Feminine. Through safe ritual and exercises, we will encourage and support each other to enliven, heal and celebrate our deepest feminine nature.

Facilitated by Certified Tantra Educators:
Dawn Beck
Sacred Journeys
(720) 333-7978    

Judith Shivani Davis
The Center for
Awakened Loving
(303) 818-3445

Honoring the Wisdom of the Yoniverse
Awakening the Goddess
Women Healing Women

Upcoming Dates: Fri - Sun, August 4 - 6, 2017: Niwot, CO.  Facilitated by Dawn Beck and Judith Shivani Davis

Honoring the Wisdom of the Yoniverse
Through Initiation and Celebration
A workshop for women

Step into the Temple of the Sisterhood to be supported in igniting
Your Own Divine Feminine Nature

Initiation Rituals and other sacred and safe techniques to
Activate and transmit the Feminine Life Force 
and awaken your ancient natural
Ecstatic Feminine Power
Learn to Invoke True Sexual Magic as we clarify and set intentions for ourselves



Contact us with questions or to register by phone.  Because of the nature of this more advanced workshop, we do require a conversation with the facilitators before registration. 

Facilitated by Certified Tantra Educators:
Dawn Beck
Sacred Journeys
(720) 304-6449

Judith Shivani Davis
The Center for
Awakened Loving
(303) 818-3445

Sacred Pleasure: Moving beyond the wounds of trauma towards Awakened Pleasure and Empowerment. A weekend workshop for women

Date: TBA


In this 2.5 day experiential seminar for women, incorporating compassion, wisdom, humor, grounding exercises, movement, sound, and touch we will:

 ¨         Play with the gifts of the womanly arts and have fun

¨          Nurture and support each other to heal beyond our shame and confusion

¨          Reveal the obstacles to our ability to play

            Explore our shadows in order to understand how we protect ourselves

                          Release old stories and construct new ones

                          Heal our Spiritual/Sexual Traumas in ceremony

                          Integrate our many voices into the True voice of our Empowered and Authentic Self

                          Guide you into the culminating Sacred Sexual Healing Ceremony




COST: $515  before September 1, 2011,   $565 after September 1, 2011

Catered meals & lodging included

 Shared 4 person bunk rooms


For information and to Register : Call Betta:  617-312-4116  or  bdivani@gmail.com


*Note: This seminar includes a ‘hands-on’ facilitator supported healing ceremony with one another*



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