The Art of Tantra Weekend Workshop For Singles and Couples

Next Offering: Saturday, October 26, 2024: 10am - 6:30pm in Niwot, CO


New Flyer coming Soon, including more information, tuition, and how to register!

Dive in Deeply and Lovingly, by Joining us for this One Day Workshop.  Appropriate for both Beginning and/or Continuing Tantric Explorers. 

In a very Safe, Sacred, and Sweet Environment, Learn and Practice:

~ Increasing knowledge about Female and Male Sensuality and Sexuality

~ Connecting to, Communicating with, and Sharing with others in a Compassionate, Respectful, and Loving Way

~ Aligning, Awakening, and Balancing your Chakras (Energy Centers)

~ How to Release Blocks, Old Patterns, Memories, Experiences, or Beliefs, that may be Holding you Back from the Fullness of your Life

~ Ways to Balance and Connect Intimacy and Sexuality

~ Creating Space for more Full Body Pleasure and Orgasms

~ Becoming aware of and having more Choice around Male Ejaculation

~ Inviting and Holding Space for Amrita (Divine Nectar: Female Ejaculate)

~ Touching and Being Touched with Consciousness

~ Opening your Heart to Giving and Receiving Love

~ Deepening into Existing Relationships and/or Inviting the kind of Relationship you Long for and Deserve

~ Honoring your Sexual Center as the Beautiful, Powerful, and Creative Chakra that it is, so that you are able to Manifest your Dreams

~ And More.....


This Day Workshop is a blend of Lecture, along with Guided Interactive/Experiential practices.  We include Music, Movement, and Play. We honor and hold space for Process, as well as Joy.  All of your Feelings are Welcome!

There is NO explicit Sexual Activity or Nudity during workshop hours.  

There will be a 90 minute mid day Meal Break on Saturday.  We will suggest restaurants that are close by, so you can enjoy a relaxed lunch on your own, or join with other participants.


For More Info or Questions: Contact Us

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