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Upcoming Dates:

~ Tuesday, September 8 (6 - 8pm Mountain Time): Movement as a Path to Tantric Exploration Virtual Class for Singles and Couples

~ Tuesday, September 22 (6 - 8pm Mountain Time): Blending your Palette: Enlivening your Sex Life with Tantra and Kink for Couples (and Singles who check in with us and it feels appropriate for)

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Upcoming Classes:

Tuesday, September 8, 2020:  6 - 8pm (Mountain Time)


Movement as a Path to Tantric Exploration
Virtual Class for Singles and Couples  

There are many Tantric Practices that require and benefit from stillness.  Grounding, mediation, coming into presence, still (static) touch to run energy and create Mudras, integration of experience, etc. 

Movement is also an important and beneficial component of Tantric Practices.  Shakti (Feminine Energy) is moving energy.  We all, no matter what gender we identify as, can run Shakti energy.  In this two-hour virtual class, we will explore some fun, playful, powerful, and Shakti energy activating movement practices that you can engage in on your own (White Tantra), as well as with another (Red Tantra).  Join us for this very participatory class that will get you out of your seat and connected to your body.

Donation: $22 to Participate as a Single     $40 to Participate as a Couple


Tuesday, September 22, 2020:  6 - 8pm (Mountain Time)

Blending your Palette: Enlivening your Sex Life with Tantra and Kink

Virtual Class for Couples (and Singles who check in with us about appropriateness of participation)

We have found, that many people have a curiosity about how to incorporate some Kink into their sensual and sexual experiences, but either don't know how, have had negative experiences trying, are scared by the the word 'kink', and stigma it carries, the potential of the energetic or physical intensity, or embarrassed to feel those curiosities and desires, and/or share them with a partner. 

During this 2 hour virtual class, we will open discussion around how the weaving of Tantric practices into Kink exploration (and visa versa), can create a container to safely, passionately, and adventurously explore. And...Have Fun!  

Through verbal teachings in the whole group, sharing in breakout rooms, a demo, and a guided experiential time, we will support you in gently, slowly, compassionately, and playfully dispel the mystery and inspire curiosity and confidence, so that you can become your own erotic artist. We will encourage you to tap into your sexual psyche to learn where your turn-on's and edges are and how to ask for, and manifest your deepest desires. 

Note:  We welcome ALL levels of explorers, but especially want new Kink explorers to know that our intention is to create a very easeful, fun, and lovely way to dip your toes in!

Extra Note:  Because of the guided practice time that will be incorporated into the class, it is optimally best suited for Couples or Pairs.  However, IF you are an interested Single Person, please be in touch to schedule a short conversation to explore if this class is suitable and appropriate for you. Thank You! 

Donation: $40

What People are Saying about our Virtual Classes:

"I really enjoyed and appreciated your online class.  I thought it
went really smoothly on Zoom.  Bravo!  It felt genuine and warm,
which is a tribute to the energy and intentionality that you and
Gerard bring to your teachings. Thank you both so much!"  ~ Jennifer
G., Washington

"I have to tell you that you held the space so magically that I truly felt intense energy and connection in the women's circle while we were joining hands. I enjoyed the timing of the class, however, I would have loved it if the class was just a bit longer.  I found that I was really enjoying myself and just wasn't quite ready to end when we did.  The night turned out great though because my husband and I had a very playful and satisfying love making session afterward” ~ Kat Roller, Arvada, Colorado

"Jerry and I enjoyed the class so much. You are both professional yet warm in your approach, compliment each other well, and are sensitive to couples’ needs” ~ Patti and Jerry, Georgia

Missed these Previously Offered Classes? Purchase the Recordings and Learn and Practice in the Comfort and Privacy of your own Home

  Luscious Lingam Loving: Honoring the Cock:  Virtual Class for Singles and Couples

The Tantric/Sanskrit words are Lingam, meaning Wand of Light and Vajra, meaning thunderbolt.  Whatever word you like (Cock, Dick, Wand, Vajra, Lingam, Thunderbolt), this beautiful, powerful body part is worthy of being held, touched, tasted, honored, enjoyed, and LOVED!

Conscious touch, breath/sound, communication, creativity, and other modalities of exploration, increases sensation during Self Pleasuring, and for BOTH Receiver and Giver during Lingam Massage and Oral Honoring.

Spark and validate appreciation for, and delightful desire for, Honoring the Wand.  Yours or another’s!

To Purchase: Single: $22    Couple: $40

Via Square:

Couple: https://checkout.square.site/pay/a689b31320cf4a8586ec21e4622f3567

  Introduction to Sacred Spot (G-Spot) Masssage: Virtual Class for Couples

During this 90 minute Virtual Class for Couples, learn what Sacred Sexual Healing and Awakening is.  We will share information about the Sacred Spot for women (also known as the G-Spot).  And touch on the Sacred Spot for men.  Learn where it is, how to find it, and what powerful potential contacting and massaging these areas with consciousness and intention can offer.  For healing, awakening, and deep connection to Yourself and your Beloved!

Although this class will NOT include a Live Demo or Hands On Sacred Sexual practice time, it is a highly recommended class to prepare you for our upcoming series of classes that WILL include both.


Via Square:  https://checkout.square.site/pay/cb6710f6e90044c7b0654f226c810dd8

Via Venmo:  https://venmo.com/code?user_id=2604055784325120294

                       Conscious Communication: Speaking and Listening from a Tantric Heart Space Virtual Class for Singles AND Couples

During this 90 minute class, join with other Singles and Couples, to learn ways to come into presence and open your heart in relationship with others. Whether in current intimate coupled relationship, or not, learning, growing, expanding, and deepening into ways to communicate consciously improves ALL relationship!  Practice bringing this presence into both holding safe space and fully listening, as well as giving your self permission to share your truth when speaking.  We will offer guidance, as well as time to practice in Virtual Breakout Rooms.

To Purchase:

Singles: $18

Couples: $33

Via Square:

Single: https://checkout.square.site/pay/627e2280aae54077a7347f27985004f5

Couple: https://checkout.square.site/pay/1330907d5847437b8a13835191e9c4c2

Via Venmo:  https://venmo.com/code?user_id=2604055784325120294

  Sensual Tantric Massage Virtual Class for Couples

Learn and Practice ways to incorporate Sensual Tantric Massage techniques and practices, with the intention of building and expanding intimacy, connection, sensuality, playfulness, and deep love into your relationship.

To Purchase:  $33

Via Square:  https://checkout.square.site/pay/3e0283d0c08c4cbcb43882800fef5da1

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Women's Temple Time: Exploring the Beauty, Power, and Magic of our Yoniverse Virual Class for Women:

During this 90 minute Virtual class, you will learn inspirational practices, and be supported to be your Own Beloved.  Our Yoni, which is our Sacred Space, is our Second Chakra. Svadhisthana, the Sanskrit name, translates to 'Ones Own Dwelling'.  It is associated with the emotional body, sensuality, pleasure, and creativity. This energy center offers direct access to flow, flexibility, and Fun!  When treated with conscious awareness, and invited into healthy alignment, we can source bountiful emotional and physical energy, feminine power, and pleasure!

To Purchase: $18

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Go from Surviving to Thriving: Exploring Intimate, Yummy, and Creative Pathways to Deepen your Relationship Virutal Class for Couples

For All Couples, this is an oppportunity to leave past patterns and responses that aren't serving you and/or your relationship behind, and open to discovering something new, different, enriching and exciting!

To Purchase: $18

  Celebration of Conscious Touch Virtual Class for Singles and Couples

During this time of necessary Physical Social Distancing, touch is such a missing, or limited component for many of us.  It does't have to be. Whether you are single or coupled, during this time together, we will teach oyou pracgtices that will ease the stress and anxiety that we are all currently being inundated with.  We can, through utilizing intentional and conscious breath, sound, communication, and TOUCH, encourage ourselves to live in pleasure, insteead of fear.  To quiet our busy thinking minds, and activate our senses. To invite levity and laughter.  To expand, rather than contract. To live in the energy of LOVE!

To Purchase

Singles: $18

Couples: $33

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